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Phone: 317-758-4561

The Sheridan Fire Department (SFD) is devoted to serving the community and to the safety and well-being of those who live here. Each 24-hour shift is staffed by three full-time personnel with the assistance of a dedicated volunteer force and supervision from the Sheridan Fire Chief. Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Services are not only provided to Sheridan’s 3,000 residents, but protection is also supplied to the remainder of Adams Township, as well as Marion Township in Boone County – covering 95 square miles! Added to this, SFD has Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring fire departments to further strengthen the emergency services available. SFD has provided fire and EMS coverage to other Hamilton, Boone, Clinton & Tipton County areas as requested, while even providing tanker services to areas as far away as Anderson and Elwood.

David W. Kinkead - Fire Commissioner
Bret Merriman - Fire Chief

Craig Isenhower - Captain
Matthew Barrick - Lieutenant
Zach Wallace - Firefighter / EMT

Travis Stern - Captain
Cayenne Foutch - Firefighter / Paramedic
Todd Inman - Firefighter / EMT

Brian Harwood - Captain
Kevin Strausbaugh - Lieutenant
Greg Wilson - Firefighter / EMT

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